Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I choose the type of material my sign is printed on?
    We offer signs in the following materials: banner, aluminum, allumalite, magnetic and bumper sticker.
  2. What is the guarantee on my sign?
    We have a 90 day guarantee on any manufacturing defects. If the product fails or breaks due to a manufacturing defect during that 90 day period, we will either replace the product or issue you a refund for equal value of the failed product.
  3. Will my sign order include any posts, frames or stakes for hanging or displaying purposes?
    Posts, frames and stakes may be added to the shopping cart separately and are shipped separately . They are located in the accessories section.
  4. Do the signs come with holes so I can hang them or attach them? If not, will you drill holes for me?
    If you have questions about drilling holes, please call us.
  5. Where can I get a high quality image for my sign?
    You can browse the internet or call one of our support staff and they would be happy to help you.
  6. Do you offer imaging or Design Services?
    We would be happy to assist you in any design service or imaging.
  7. What if I want to use a photograph?
    Yes, you may use a photograph. If you can send the original camera file, it is likely to be of sufficient resolution.
  8. What is your cancellation policy?
    You can find our cancellation policy in our Terms of Sale section.
  9. Will I receive an order confirmation?
    Once you have submitted your order, we will send you an order confirmation that will contain your total, shipment status, billing , design proof, contact and shipment information will be emailed to you.
  10. How will I receive a receipt?
    We will email you a receipt. If you don’t receive your confirmation via email, please check your junk email folder or spam.
  11. May I make a correction to my order after It has been submitted?
    Your order will be transmitted to our production staff immediately after we receive it. Most of the time it’s difficult to make corrections or changes to the design at this point. If you have just placed your order, and want to check if changing is possible, please contact customer service and call our 1-800 number.
  12. How can I track my order ?
    You may check the status of your order by clicking on the link in your order confirmation email.
  13. What is your refund policy?
    For information on our refund policy, please see our terms of sale.
  14. Do you print double sided banners?
    Yes, we can print double sided banners. We print our double sided banners on 18 oz.vinyl so that you can’t see through to the other side in bright light. Please note that it is often cheaper to print two single sided banners and hang them back to back. This is just as effective for most cases and typically more affordable.
  15. When you say custom made does that mean handmade?
    No. Custom made means we make the sign or banner for you. The graphics, colors and size are made according to what you want.
  16. Does vinyl work for outside banners/signs or outdoor advertising?
    Yes, vinyl is a very durable outside option since this material is weather and water resistant.
  17. What are the typical uses for your custom vinyl banners?
    The typical uses for custom vinyl banners include: birthday parties, parades, grand openings, events, tradeshows and conferences, high school gyms and sports teams , outdoor advertising signs, anniversaries, reunions, now hiring signs, street signs, city events and holidays, roadside businesses, churches and church events. Vinyl banners are one of the most versatile signage options of any sign type.
  18. My banner is wrinkled-how do I remove the wrinkles?
    After being shipped or stored, vinyl banners often have creases or wrinkles. To easily remove the wrinkles from your banner simply place them in the hot sun for a few hours and the wrinkles and creases should come right out.

They have always gone above and beyond on the products they have produced for us. We are so happy with the results that we have referred their services to other sculptors around the US!

Lianna Rimer
Ice Pros

I have had take care of all of our signage needs since 2009. Anyone who has been to Clear Sunset Car Wash knows that we have an abundance of signs...

Tony Milen, President
Clear Sunset Car Wash & Detail Center

Great firm we have worked with for years! They have friendly staff, prompt, and professional results.

Kent Ellermets

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