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Create custom magnets by visiting Whether you’re interested in advertising a restaurant, a real estate business, an event, or something else, we’ll provide you with an easy and convenient way to customize and order your signage. Instead of having to find a sign shop in your area, get in your car and drive to get there, and maybe even drive there again to pick up your sign, you can do it all online through Our website lets you choose your sign’s colors, fonts, logos, and more, all with the click of your mouse. If you’re unsure of what it is you want and would like the guidance of our expert staff, we’ll be happy to offer suggestions on the current trends and designs that’ll help your custom magnets stand out from the rest.

Custom magnets are a great medium for marketing your brand or your event because they provide mobile marketing. For example, our custom magnets can turn your vehicle into your own personal billboard, displaying your message clearly to anyone who sees you on the road. They also won’t cause any damage. Unlike other products that might require adhesives, magnets can be easily removed from your vehicle or other surface without causing damage. Additionally, they’re moveable. Since magnets are transferable, you can effortlessly move them from one car to another or put them on any other magnetic surface.

Because is not a franchise but a family-owned and -operated business, we’re able to offer our custom magnets at lower prices. Additionally, customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we’re happy to provide assistance should you need any help with your design. allows you to enjoy the convenience of an online experience with all the benefits of a family-owned business. Click here and start the process of creating your custom magnets today!


They have always gone above and beyond on the products they have produced for us. We are so happy with the results that we have referred their services to other sculptors around the US!

Lianna Rimer
Ice Pros

I have had take care of all of our signage needs since 2009. Anyone who has been to Clear Sunset Car Wash knows that we have an abundance of signs...

Tony Milen, President
Clear Sunset Car Wash & Detail Center

Great firm we have worked with for years! They have friendly staff, prompt, and professional results.

Kent Ellermets

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